About The Company

We believe that the way to strengthen the country’s diverse workforce is to infuse it with great local talent. We intend to bring talented nationals in front of prospective public and private sector employers through our partnerships. We have established relationships with talented individuals in various industries and our mentors continuously help us getting in front of more audience to ensure our referral channels are always on the rise. We also regularly meet & coach fresh graduates to guide them on methods to land their first employment.

We are highly systems and process driven and rely heavily on initiative, consistency, intelligence, discipline and good technology to save money, time and effort for everyone. We use our systems, processes and technology to their best effect, strive for continuous improvement back each other as team members based on priorities.

What Do We Provide?

Executive Search

Finding the right person for the right role is crucial to your organization’s performance. At TGC we offer you recruitment solution that enhances your productivity and profitability. We ensure that our retained clients receive a premium level of service to optimize the performance and capabilities of their people.


We support Government, Semi Government and Private Sector in the UAE by finding the right talent towards the Emiratisation program. We have a strong network of experienced professionals and database. With the increase in the current number of job opportunities within the private sector for nationals there has been a growing demand of jobs for talent across disciplines.



How we put efforts into taking care of our clients

We focus on providing exceptional talent across a number of skilled experts to meet your professional and technical talent requirements throughout Middle East.