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On-board The Best Local Talent


The key to a country’s progress is it local talent. We are passionate about Emiratisation. We believe the way to strengthen the country’s diverse workforce is to infuse it with great local talent. The young, dynamic and highly qualified Emirati population brings with it immense talent, energy, skills and capacity to add value.

With the increase in the current number of job opportunities within the private sector for nationals and robust economic growth there is a growing demand for Emirati talent across disciplines.

Emiratisation Services By TGC Consulting

We assist Government, Semi-Government, and Private organizations large and small in recruiting UAE nationals that are best suited for the job. Our experienced recruitment professionals, strong network, and our extensive internal database of Emirati talent is instrumental in showcasing talented nationals to our target employers. Through our partnerships and constantly improving our methods of coaching fresh graduates we help young Emiratis land their first employment.

“Determination, strategy and vision for the future are our real resources in the quest for excellence and success.” - His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

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