This job opportunity is with a healthcare facility based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

As a Radiologist, you will use your skills and various medical imaging techniques to produce visual representations of specific areas of the human body in order to diagnose medical problems and monitor treatment. You will evaluate patients’ medical histories to ensure the various medical imaging procedures will not harm them. You will suggest alternative medical imaging techniques, when necessary. You will brief patients about the medical imaging process.

You will be responsible to perform or direct radiology staff to carry out a variety of diagnostic procedures, such as X-rays, CT Scans and ultrasounds, to diagnose illnesses and injuries. You will work with radiology lab technicians to perfect image quality. You will be responsible to interpret the results from diagnostic imaging procedures to determine diagnoses. You will communicate and discuss results and diagnoses with physicians. You will compile written reports of results and diagnoses. You will follow medical protocols for resuscitation, bleeding, infection, or other emergency situations, when necessary.

To be successful, you should have at least 4+ years of experience within the medical industry. You must have a Bachelor’s degree in related field and a DHA License.

Contact: +971 4 3231122


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