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Contract Staffing

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Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is a method of alternative staffing where a business hires someone with the desired skills or specialized knowledge needed for a short-term or time specific duration. Organizations find this the most efficient way to enhance their workforce and close skills gaps to focus on your core business activities.

TGC Consulting supports clients with flexible hiring solutions to fulfill their short-term or long-term contractual needs. Specializing in executive and high skilled contractors we offer total managed HR services for short-term and flexible hires on request.

Contract Staffing Services By TGC Consulting

Our on-demand contract staffing service gives our clients more flexibility in recruitment, saves time in administration, and helps reduce hire-times. Owing to our vast network and comprehensive internal database, recruitment consultants as TGC Consulting can provide candidates for consideration at the earliest. On request we assist with visa, payroll, and HR support to the employee. We ensures you get the right people, for the right positions, right away. 

The Right Solution

Contract Staffing is An Excellent Option

  • The requirement of a specific skill set is only for a short term.
  • There is an immediate requirement to fulfill a niche skill set.
  • The project is governed by stringent budgets.
  • Probationary work period to assess long term fit.
  • Strict limitation on the headcount for the permanent employees.
  • Pilot testing a position with a contractor is useful for evaluating a permanent or long-term requirement for the position.
Reduced Costs Improved Efficiency

Benefits Contract Staffing Offers

Reduced long-term labor cost

Candidates are contracted for stipulated time period and do not have to paid the allowances and perks of regular employees. In addition organizations save on Visa and other long term labor costs.

Shorter Hire Time

Contracted candidates are hired on their technical skills to deliver something specific. This makes hires faster and easier as an important element of long term cultural fit does not have to be considered.

Maximized Value

On boarded contractors are headhunted on the basis of their applied and technical skills and do not need training. This facilitates immediate value addition.

Industry Perspective

Having worked on various projects contractors come with extensive industry exposure which can be a definite advantage to organizations.

Skilled Niche Experience

Contractual staff usually have a very specific skillset and are accustomed to performing on very niche projects. Having a highly specialized individual on your team can really help to drive your business forward.


Contracting staffing allows organizations to respond to market demand. An excellent option to operate in different locations for a stipulated period of time.

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