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Recruitment Marketing

Use Your Brand To Attract Talent

Recruitment Marketing

With the workforce becoming more fluid than ever before does your organization have a well laid our methodology to approach, attract and engage top talent?

Does your branding reflect in your first interaction with a probable hire? Does your recruitment process clearly represent your organization’s message? Leverage your brand to attract the best talent for your organization and minimize talent acquisition cost.

Recruitment Marketing Services By TGC Consulting

At TGC Consulting we assist clients to take proactive steps toward attracting and retaining top talent by  building on their corporate culture and turning it into an effective talent management and advertising tool. Deploying modern digital tools and platforms we provide customized solutions to support clients in managing their organization’s recruitment profile. We create, manage and maintain bespoke, modern and intuitive career pages accurately reflecting an orgranization’s brand tailored to its target audience. Here candidates can get all the information about current and future opportunities, benefits, perks and rewards of working with an organization.

Branded Recruitment

Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

Grow Your Talent Pool

With adequate branding, concise messaging, and the right exposure on the appropriate platforms you can attract more applicants to grow your talent pools.

Attract Passive Job Seekers

Passive candidates are more willing to accept a job without an increase in salary for an organization with a good employer brand.

Pay Less Premiums

Companies with poor or mismanaged employer brands have to pay a higher premium to lure the right talent.

Reduce Hire Time

Structured landing pages enable employees to refer openings in their contact group which can significantly reduce time and expenses in the recruitment process.

Build Reputation

A company’s reputation as a key consideration when exploring new career opportunities.

Become An Employer Of Choice

Applicants are ready for a pay cut for an opportunity to join a company with a good employer brand

Communicate Values

Communicate your culture and values to attract the right candidates.

Get More Recommendations

Get more recommendations from existing employees.

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