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Remote Workforce

The New Era Of Hypermobility

Remote Workforce

In the ongoing pandemic, working remotely was the only option businesses had. This became the lifeline for businesses all-round the globe. The “work from home” experiment as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19 was instrumental in the mass creation and deployment of cloud-based tools. These new technologies have proved that remote working is not an impossible way of working altogether. The location of an employee is no longer a limitation to be considered as a deterrent to the productivity of an employee. Organizations can now manage and grow a remote workforce and enter a new era of hypermobility.

Remote Workforce Services By TGC Consulting

Remote jobs is a trend, that is becoming more common in the market for services and short-term projects in the UAE. If you are looking to increase your headcount or are looking to recruit for a short-term project within areas such as  Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Administration, Recruiters or IT developers, our recruitment consultants can assist with connecting the best qualified Remote workers to help you get the job completed. With our solutions you can engage remote workers on an hourly or monthly rate depending on the scope of work. 

Efficiency With Flexibility

Benefits Of A Remote Workforce

Reduced Office Costs

Every company aims at making smart financial decisions. Hiring a remote workforce helps organizations scale back expenses like, rent, transportation, supplies, and facilities which lead to significant savings.

Limitless Talent Pool

A remote workforce enables hiring possible beyond geographical limitation. This enables organizations access to hire talent with the most relevant skillset as compared to availability.

Lower Work Absence

Absenteeism and fatigue because of long commuting times has a serious impact on productivity. Hiring a remote workforce can avoid this and result in greater efficiency.

Better Efficiency

With more freedom to get work done at their hour of convenience, remote workers seem to be more productive compared to a regular office employees.

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