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The Executive search landscape today is complex. Every position to fill comes with an individual set of fulfillment criteria. Whether mid-level management or C-Suite. Finding the right person for the right role is crucial for an organization’s performance. Executive Search solutions by TGC Consulting enhance clients’ productivity and profitability

Executive Search Solutions By TGC Consulting

We attract, assess, recruit and help in on-boarding the best talent for our clients. With a clear understanding of our client’s organizational culture and environment, we deliver executive search solutions to help them achieve a competitive advantage.

Delivering value

Guranteed Results

To know exactly who you are looking for we need to know you. We start with a detailed understanding about the job, what is required of the role, the organization’s culture and environment.

Our consultants combine modern techniques with proven traditional approaches to find the right match for our clients. Using various outreach programs like targeted headhunting, digital research, and advertising along with our extensive internal database and vast network.

By interviewing and asking candidates role specific questions that matter most to our clients, our team ensures a successful fit and smooth onboarding for niche positions.


Why clients prefer TGC Consulting

Our approach is based on the principle of partnership. Our focus is always centered on how we can be the first responder to our client’s Human Capital needs. This has helped us build long-standing relationships with an excellent track record of success.

Partnering with us, our clients leverage on our experience and network. We proactively network on their behalf giving them a competitive advantage in reaching the best candidates faster and shortening their time-to-hire.

leverage our capabilities

What you get by partnering with us

Hire Faster

A hiring process can be time-consuming. Using our executive search service, in-house HR resources can be freed to focus on more strategic objectives.

Access to a large pool of talent

Our network and comprehensive internal database gives our client’s access to a larger applicant pool of right-fit candidates. This shortens the full cycle recruiting process, allowing them to hire the best candidate faster.

Hire highly qualified candidates

Our experienced recruiters are industry specialists, this gives them access to a high quality talent across an industry landscape. Ensuring our clients a great fit for their position.

Recruit in a professional manner

We conduct the hiring process professionally and effectively. We help clients over come the gap in resources to find and hire the right talent, and also ensure their employer brand is upheld.

Retain new hires

We ensure that an on-boarded candidate fulfill a minimum tenure. In case of termination or leave we replace the candidate for no extra charge.

Industry knowledge

In-house recruiters have a comprehensive picture of their company, but we bring a broader perspective of your industry or niche, this is something in-house recruiters miss out on.

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